The Music Information Centre Norway and Music Export Norway merged on Jan 1st 2013 to form Music Norway

What was MIC Norway?

Music Information Centre Norway is now closed down, following a merger with Music Export Norway which resulted in a new organisation: Music Norway. This article aims at summing up MIC Norway's core activities over the last three decades.

MIC Norway was a staunch supporter of the Norwegian music scene for more than 30 years. During those three decades MIC provided tour support for bands and performers, promoted and distributed scores world-wide, launched a selection of highly popular web-sites, was a key player on Norway’s cultural-political stage and held a position as a much-appreciated partner for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ missions around the globe.

MIC’s primary goal was to promote Norwegian music of all genres and styles, domestically as well as internationally. Through a number of promotional initiatives and information projects the institution worked to raise awareness levels on Norwegian music among music industry execs, cultural organisation representatives, media reps and the general public at home and abroad.

MIC was primarily funded directly by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, and received in its last operating year app. NOK 8m in public support. Additional funding for the centre’s travel support programme was allocated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. MIC’s staff counted 13 full-time positions by the time of the organisation's disbandment, all of which worked tirelessly across the genre-spectrum around the clock to ensure Norwegian music was in demand on the global stage.

Over the last decade of operations, MIC’s core activities centred on its web-sites which were intrinsically linked to a number of additional services to the public such as sheet music catalogues, music industry directories, event calendars and front-desk/helpline support. MIC’s site was the nation’s most popular music news and debate site while the English-language site served as an important hub for news and articles on Norwegian bands, performers, composers as well as the nation’s music industry.

Worldwide distribution of scores was a core activity for MIC since day one, and over the years the institution built up a highly professional department that digitized sheet music, prepares parts, prints scores and distributes the end product to a wide range of orchestral institutions at home and abroad.

MIC’s MFA-funded travel support programme was a much needed financial backing for Norwegian bands and performers hitting the road abroad.

From 1994 to 2012, MIC ran three main web-sites:

With effect from 1st of January 2013, the Music Information Centre Norway was merged with Music Export Norway to form a new entity: Music Norway. Addressing the needs of the music industry, artists, ensembles and organisations, Music Norway’s primary goal is to foster growth in interest and use of Norwegian music of all genres and styles. A thorough understanding of the workings of the Norwegian music industry is also high on the organisation’s agenda; data retrieval and analysis as well as music export statistics will be key tasks for the new organisation.
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The Music Information Centre Norway and Music Export Norway merged on Jan 1st 2013 to form Music Norway


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