MIC Norway presents: Contemporary

A mix of contemporary Norwegian orchestral-, vocal, and chamber music

Compiled and edited by MIC Norway’s contemporary/classical oracle Hilde Holbæk-Hanssen, our latest carefully selected playlist features a mix of Norwegian orchestral-, vocal, and chamber music:

  • Magne Hegdal: Make beLieve Rag (Siri Torjesen - soprano, Einar Steen-Nøkleberg - piano)
  • Finn Mortensen: Pezzo orchestrale (Munich Radio Orchestra, cond. Terje Mikkelsen)
  • Spunk: Quadrologue (Spunk)
  • Rolf Wallin: Though what Made it has Gone (Hilde Torgersen – mezzo soprano, Kenneth Karlsson – piano)
  • Lene Grenager: Treslag (Lene Grenager – cello)
  • Cecilie Ore: Schwirren (Nordic Voices)
  • Jon Øivind Ness: Low Jive (Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Peter Szilvay)
  • Olav Anton Thommessen: Gratias agimus (Marianne Willumsen – soprano, Geir Henning Braaten – piano)
  • Ketil Hvoslef: Kvartoni (Anne Bolstad – soprano, Rigmor Titt – recorders, Stein Erik Olsen – gitar, Jan Hovden – piano)
  • Knut Vaage: Jug Band Rag (Ensemble conducted by Ingar Bergby)
  • Fartein Valen: Le cimitière marin (Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, cond. Christian Eggen)
  • Eivind Buene: Asymmetrical Music III (Ensemble conducted by Ingar Bergby)
  • Lasse Thoresen: Rudlatradl: Chases, Cattle Calls and Charts (Berit Opheim Versto – folk singer, BIT 20 Ensemble, cond. Jeff Milarsky)
  • Synne Skouen: O Vilhelm, Vilhelm (Oslo String Quartet, Ruth Vilhelmine Meyer – vocal)
  • Arne Nordheim: Fonos – 3 memorables for trombone and orchestra (Marius Hesby – trombone, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Jukka-Pekka Saraste)
  • Lars Petter Hagen: Slow Bossa: Concept of Sorrows and Dangers II (Rolf Erik Nystrøm – saxophone, Ensemble conducted by Christian Eggen).
  • Gisle Kverndokk: Løyndom: Omriss for 9 String Players and Choir (The Vocal Ensemble Cor, Telemark Chamber Orchestra, cond. Lars Erik ter Jung)
  • Ørjan Matre: Four Minatures for Orchestra II (Norwegian Radio Orchestra, cond. Rolf Gupta)
  • Knut Nystedt: Immortal Bach (Ensemble 96, cond. Øystein Fevang)
  • Ragnhild Berstad: Toreuma (Arditti String Quartet)
  • Ragnar Söderlind: Violin Concerto, 2nd Movement Pezzo capriccioso (Ragin Wenk-Wolff, violin, The Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Dennis Burkh)
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