Wibutee: Playmachine

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Wibutee's 'Playmachine' album

Wibutee: Playmachine (cover)

As the title suggests, Norwegian Jazz/electronica trio Wibutee’s latest album Playmachine is indeed a toy, albeit a complex one. It is an intricate device for challenges, pleasure, escape and blissful reverie. Like all complex works contrived in concord with the machinations and ever-changing moods of the mind, Playmachine offers a panoply of expressions, styles, techniques and sentiments, varying from the ignition of the urge to dance, to tonal contemplations. Unlike many musicians in their genre Wibutee have the boldness to allow also predictable feel-good and commercial elements to shine trough, not least in terms of production, which is more reminiscent of ultra pop than reclusive jazz. The album has been extremely well received in the world of contemporary experimental jazz/electronica and features on the “recommended list” in a number of defining international magazines.

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