Euroboys: Soft focus

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Euroboys' 'Soft focus'

Euroboys: Soft Focus (cover)

Norway’s musical establishment has for some time been preoccupied with the murky musical core of the American heartland; the elegy of the frontier, from overseas denoted “Americana”. It seemed for a while that we had lost sight of the other America; unsurpassable leisure, the freshness of the coasts, and most of all: the reverie of California. Thus came as a blessing and a blissful reintroduction the album you hold in your hand. Soft Focus is the latest release from one of Norway’s most influential bands, Euroboys. Throughout their career they have distinguished themselves by an unwavering commitment to music itself -wrestling it free of the many auxiliaries that so often seem unavoidable- and always fully pursuing a singular vision. The latter is an artistic insignia that always permeates their every project. On Soft Focus this vision is the reverial and beautiful but somewhat distant air of a “matured summer of love”. The band effortlessly takes up the master-class song writing of American icons such as David Crosby, and rejuvenates the expression by adding their own distinct flare.
The album became a debated best seller in Norway

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