Kaisers Orchestra mount European offensive

One of the domestic Norwegian market’s biggest successes of the last years is poised for European touring bringing a unique combination of Tom Waitsesque, oil barrel-fuelled tunes with lyrics sung in heavy west-Norwegian dialect.

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Kaizers Orchestra (Photo: Paal Audestad/kaisers.no)

On the domestic market, Kaizers Orchestra is a veritable institution. Platinum sales, lengthy tours, massive radio-play and headliner slots at major festivals have contributed to Kaizers Orchestra’s solid status on the Norwegian scene. Most would argue that the band, which performs Norwegian lyrics exclusively, has limited international appeal. However, applauded performances at such central European festivals as Roskilde in Denmark and Eurosonic in Holland caused a massive word of mouth campaign. Rumours of the collective’s unique live-appeal soon spread, prompting the upcoming European tour that will take the band to Austria, Germany, Holland and Denmark.

Kaizers Orchestra’s first album “Ompa til du dør” caused a massive stir upon its 2001 release. Ecstatic reviews and hectic touring resulted in platinum sales and domestic stardom for the Stavanger-based collective. Earlier this year, Kaizers followed-up with their second album “Evig Pint”, which was also awarded solid reviews and healthy sales figures. All albums have been released on tiny Norwegian indie-label Farmen.

“Ompa til du dør” sees its Austrian and German release this week. Kaizers Orchestra’s albums will also be released in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden.

Says Kaizers Orchestra’s drummer Rune Minken Kaizer on the upcoming tour: “We now have to focus on supporting the European releases of our two albums. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on, and we’re looking forward to recording our third album that will supersede everything!”

Kaizers front-man and vocalist Janove Kaizer explains the band’s current European focus: “The point is that Norway is a small country, and if we continue to tour with the same intensity as we’ve had over the last two years, we run the risk of wearing out ourselves and our loyal fans. Our live-appearance is quite massive and characteristic of ourselves – to maintain it we feel that we have to scale things down a bit. The main thing is still that we like new challenges and unlikely aims to strive for. For the moment, that elusive aim is the international market and a possible success abroad. Naturally, a band that sings in Norwegian will have a limited impact on the international record market, but on the live circuit, few can equal what we do. That means that the international concert market is our first goal.”

Kaizers Orchestra’s first gig during their European tour is the Two Days A Week Festival in Wiesen, Austria on August 28.

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