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Oslo collective Chillinuts were faced with every laptop musician’s dream; unlimited access to a jazz label’s back catalogue and a short but inspiring order from the record execs: sample this! The end result is 11 stunning new tracks based on more than 130 original jazz tunes.

Chillinuts live på Blå januar 2004

On their latest album “REWORKS; What kind of machine is this?”, Chillinuts bring forth a new take on the remix concept. Instead of tweaking and filtering existing grooves by contemporary electronica peers, the skilled Oslo trio delves into the strong jazz back-catalogue offered by independent label Curling Legs. What the three producers have had at their disposal turns out to be every knob-twiddler or laptop savant’s dream: unlimited access to track upon track with high-quality audio from such respected jazz performers as Sidsel Endresen, Solveig Slettahjell, Audun Kleive, Vigleik Storaas and many more. The end result is not a mere standard jazzy-vocals-n’sax-with-off-the-shelf-grooves – this is a totally new release that utilise excerpts and fragments from previous records as a basis for new, multi-layered and colourful electronica tracks.

Says drummer/programmer Peter Baden on the creative process leading up to the trio’s debut album: “We’ve been given total access to recordings from some of this country’s finest musicians. Performers such as Sidsel Endresen, Bugge Wessetoft – musicians that we have nothing but total respect for. We have produced this music in utter humbleness and tried to retain the original performers’ characteristics in the soundscape at the same time as we have tried to create something totally different.”

“REWORKS; What kind of machine is this?” is the end result of three years of hard work: 11 tracks based on excerpts from more than 130 original jazz tunes. Chillinuts have managed to come up with a remarkably integral set of tracks that differ completely from the original audio material presented to the trio by the Curling Legs staff. An indication of the amount of work that has been put down can be exemplified one of the tracks grooves: the drum track has been pieced together from excerpts from 11 different drum sets, drummers and takes.

Labelling such cut n’paste eclectic outings as Chillinuts’ debut album is indeed a high-risk sport, but the Oslo collective choose place themselves somewhere within the wide field of left-field electronica, dub, breakbeat, electro, house or europafunk.

With countless hours spent in front of their Macs, Peter Baden, Marius Rypdal (son of famed jazz guitarist/composer Terje Rypdal) and Hans Jørgen Whist can afford to bolster their egos as they now bring out their tunes to a wider audience. With strong reviews in the domestic press, the trio is set to reach out to a wider audience via a string of concerts and (hopefully) healthy sales.

Now the Chillinuts collective is about to bring their unique concoction abroad as part of the launch campaign of a brand new series of wrist watches called The Polar Timepiece by Amundsen Oslo. Chillinuts provide the musical and multi-media foundation for the launch events that are held in New York and London at the Explorers and Travellers clubs respectively. Concert dates are found in the calendar section.

Read more on the Chillnuts’ “REWORKS” project at the band site.

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