North American tour and album release for Sondre Lerche

September sees renowned singer-songwriter touring the US and Canada in support of his new album, ‘Heartbeat Radio’.

Sondre Lerche 2009 (Photo: Isabell N Wedin)

Born and raised in Bergen, Norway, Lerche has been living in New York for several years, and has by now established himself as one of the most interesting songwriters of his generation.

Inspired by bands like A-ha, the Beach Boys, and Prefab Sprout, Sondre Lerche began taking guitar lessons at age eight. As a teenager he performed acoustic sets at the club where his older sister worked, before eventually being "discovered" by Norwegian producer HP Gundersen.

By the time Lerche had released his major-label debut, the then 19-year-old Norwegian was already something of a veteran in the music business. Signed to Virgin Norway in 2000, Lerche released a chart-topping EP, "You Know So Well", in February 2001. His easily recognizable voice and songwriting abilities quickly drew attention throughout Europe. In recent years, he has used New York as a base for extensive touring throughout the US, which has created a loyal US fanbase as well.

‘Heartbeat Radio, which is scheduled for released on September 8, is Lerche’s boldest and most challenging record so far, mixing acoustic guitars with eclectic orchestral pop.

Wrote Spin Magazine in its review of ‘Heartbeat Radio’ : “Pop prodigy matures into cool, composed maestro: On his previous offerings, this Norwegian singer-songwriter has been a smooth jazz crooner, a spiky pop-rocker, and a simpatico soundtrack composer. With Heartbeat Radio, Lerche aligns all his identities: Gentlemanly melodies glide across elegant guitars and High Llama Sean O’Hagan’s swelling string arrangements. Living in cramped New York apartments has sharpened both Lerche’s wit and feng shui – a heightened wryness now complements his compositional facility, and every banjo and trombone filigree feels essential.” 8/10 stars.

Lerche’s North American tour kicks off on Sep 5 and includes gigs in Philly, NYC, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and LA in addition to a number of additional cities.

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