Frode Thingnæs - Biography

Frode Thingnæs

Frode Thingnæs, born in 1940, is one of Norway's foremost jazz musicians with a versatile background as a trombonist, composer, arranger and conductor. Around the end of the 1950's he started his carreer in various big bands in Oslo. Around the beginning of 1960, Frode Thingnæs started his own quintet together with some of the most reknowned Norwegian jazz musicians of that time.

Since 1960, Thingnæs has conducted various orchestras, and, at the same time, has often conducted big bands throughout the country and worked as an arranger and composer. For a number of years he also conducted the orchestras of two theatres in Oslo. Several of his tunes have become standard favourites, and have been performed on various occasions when he has represented Norway in international bands. After having played with Thad Jones Thingnæs was offered a position in Count Basie's big band as a trombone player and arranger - an offer he unfortunately had to turn down.

Frode Thingnæs studied at the Music Academy in Denmark, and has himself been in charge of seminars and big band workshops at Norwegian jazz festivals. Thingnæs is an outstanding trombonist. He has for many years had a position in the Royal Norwegian Army Band in Oslo. Thingnær has received the Norwegian State three years grant for composers.

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