Bayou Blue: Marsjen til New Orleans

Listen to Norway continues with Bayou Blue: Marsjen til New Orleans

Bayou Blue: (cover) Marsjen til New Orleans

Jazz for children is as seldom as singing alligators. Nevertheless, Marsjen til New Orleans (The March to New Orleans) can offer both. Stavanger-based jazz group Bayou Blue wants to jazz up both toddlers and parents on their fourth album. Based on the well-known story, “The Musicians from Bremen”, we meet an old and tired alligator who is tired of living in the swamps around New Orleans. Together with his friends, a cat, a rancoon, and a skunk, the alligator enter upon a dangerous journey. Saxophonist Vidar Kenneth Johansen has composed all the lyrics and the melodies on this energetic and vital musical expedition. As the title tells, Bayou Blue is based on traditional New Orleans jazz, but you will also find turquoise traces of the Caribbean islands. All the lyrics are in Norwegian.

Bayou Blue: Marsjen til New Orleans (Bayou Blue Records)

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