Various Artists: UHU! 3

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with UHU! 3

Various Artists: UHU! 3 (cover)

Uhu! has been one of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company's most successful children's TV shows in recent years. The Ghost House is the final destination for ghosts that have run out of ghost-energy. When they're unable to make spooky sounds and scare people, it's time to head for the Ghost House. Here they carry out assignments and tasks given to them, and if successful, the ghosts might get a final boost of energy that will propel them to the end destination – Hermetica. When you get to know the cast of witty, creative and charming ghosts you'll laugh when someone mentions their names. Polter, Berit Smerit, Geir Gatsby and Cumulus are just a few of the characters that will give you some lasting humorous memories from a brilliant series.

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