Maria Solheim: Frail

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Maria Solheim's 'Frail'

Maria Solheim: Frail (cover)

Frail is Maria Solheims third album, something quite out of the ordinary considering that she is still only 22, and the fact that she writes everything; every note and every word, herself. This says a lot about the artist we are here presenting: a unique talent coupled with the capacity and commitment to make her visions come true and reap the gift she has been given. The title Frail, when this word is understood as something delicate -something necessarily unprotected- has a deep affinity with the emotions and internal landscapes that her music invokes. Hers is a sense of melody that is strangely original and haunting, and the words follow suit in a way that, enhanced by her style of singing, intertwine with the music to create a bewitching experience; not simply beautiful, for there are layers below the beauty that tarnish it, thus deepening the experience.

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