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Svein Hundsnes

Svein Hundsnes was born in Haugesund in 1951. His list of works mainly contains instrumental music, the major part for orchestra. Till now his most important works are three symphonies, Haugtussa for soprano and orchestra and minor orchestral works such as Sinfonietta Romantica and Jeux Jeunesse. His Flute Concerto from 2005/6, composed in a style combining opposite kinds of inspiration, was premiered in 2006 by Vidar Austvik and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hannu Lintu.

His chamber music production contains a.o. Rilke-Lieder for baritone and chamber orchestra, two string quartets, the wind quintet His Majesty's Sound Amusement and Lyrical Suite for soprano and chamber ensemble. His Divertimento for Flute and Strings is, as indicated by the title, composed in a diverting style, while another mode of expression is to be found in Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet where he uses multiphonics. This piece is dedicated to the Norwegian clarinettist and composer Roger Arve Vigulf.

A strong contrast to these pieces are the jazz-rock based Songs Of Blue for brass quintet, premiered by Arctic Brass, and Down Town Horns for 6 trumpets, - both pieces demanding a strong sense for timing and funk-phrasing from the musicians. Hundsnes has also composed a chamber music works for various combinations of instruments, in addition to solo pieces for piano, and two suites for accordion. His ballet music Borobudur was choreographed by Sylvi Edvardsen.

On the vocal music side the cycle Måneskinnsmøyar for women’s choir, and Six Songs for mezzo soprano and piano should be mentioned.

Hundsnes has composed music for a two hour television program on the Norwegian poet Arne Garborg. In 1990-1992 he was composer on a state grant attached to the Northern Norway Conservatory of Music in Tromsø. Today he teaches theory at the University of Stavanger, Institute for Music and Dance.

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