Steinar Ofsdal

Versatile is just one of many labels that can be applied to describe Steinar Ofsdal’s career. As an instrumentalist, composer, writer and educator he has established himself as a central player on the Norwegian folk-music scene.

Listen to a 30 second clip of the tune Haugebonden as performed by one of Steinar Ofsdal's ensembles; Bukkene Bruse
Listen to more tracks or buy Bukkene Bruse’s Den Fagraste Rosa

Steinar Ofsdal

Steinar Ofsdal’s main instrument is a wide range of flutes that he masters to the full extent.

Over the years, Ofsdal has toured and recorded with a long list of artists and performers representing a wealth of genres and ethnical backgrounds. His career began back in 1967 and since then he has performed extensively domestically and internationally. His travels have led him to include flutes from all over the world into his vocabulary and have also earned him lasting musical friends all over the globe. Chinese music holds a special place in his heart, and over the years, Ofsdal has built strong ties to Chinese composers and musicians.

Ofsdal has also written a number of compositions that are featured on his own releases, performed at theatres as well as on film, radio and TV. He has contributed to more than 100 recordings during his active career.

In addition to teaching at various schools and the University of Oslo, his educational career also includes several central books that focus on flute training and Norwegian folk music and dance.

Ofsdal’s Førde Festival schedule is a busy one. In addition to performing, Ofsdal will lead the teacher’s course as well as host the Saturday night gala concert.

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