St Thomas: Hey Harmony

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with St Thomas' Hey Harmony

St Thomas: Hey Harmony cover

Ligth, fluffy, upbeat and impressively catchy, the songs on St. Thomas’ Hey Harmony album suggest a sunny view of the world. A perfect blend of bent country, infectious pop and charged rock, Hey Harmony is St. Thomas third album and his most successful to date with strong reviews at home and abroad. The cast of co-musicians that include Howie Gelb and various Lambchop members are guided in all the right directions by St. Thomas and producer Mark Nevers (of Lambchop fame), creating a buoyant back-drop for St. Thomas quirky tunes and charming melodies. St. Thomas’ stripped down strum is complemented with ethereal electronics that heighten the sense of these songs as a step outside time and place. When St. Thomas sings “…we’re having a Sunday party, come on over and be our friends” it sounds like an invitation you should accept.

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