Composers flee the country

Not all Norwegians wax their skis and head for the mountains during Easter. Composer Kjell Samkopf and electronica/noise laptop duo Jazzkammer leave the country during Easter and head for Australia and Singapore respectively.

Listen to a 30 second clip of Jazzkammer’s No Place Like home
Listen to more tracks or buy Jazzkammer’s Pancakes album
Listen to a 30 second clip of Kjell Samkopf’s Man listening, writing what he hears
Listen to more tracks or buy Kjell Samkopf’s Mountain Listening album

Kjell Samkopf

Jazzkammer have now left for Singapore where the duo will contribute with music and sound effects to a performance at the Theatreworks titled Pulse. The play/performance which is directed by Low Kee Hong runs from April 23 to May 11 and is staged at The Black Box at the Fort Canning Centre. Kee Hong describes the play as “an exploration of the lives of urban women through the arts and sciences of bio-medical technology”. Laptop duo Jazzkammer will contribute with music and sound effects to the performance, which includes real-time sound processing of the audience, and actor’s heartbeats combined with new compositions. More info can be found here.

Composer Kjell Samkopf is heading for a completely different adventure in the Australian wilderness. Samkopf is attending the Burragorang Artists’ Workshop which takes place in the Burragorang Valley south-west of Sydney.

Burragorang Artists’ Workshop is an international co-operation project entailing 28 artists from all over the world, all of which will live, work and create for two weeks in the Australian wilderness. The artists will be housed in a tent camp in the Burragorang Valley which is part of the World Heritage Blue Mountains.

The 28 artists are selected on basis of previous works and submitted project proposals. Two Norwegian artists are represented at the Burragorang Artists’ Workshop; Samkopf and painter Egil Martin Kurdøl. Most of the selected artists, which include painters, photographers and performance artists have a basis in an “art in nature” approach, i.e. direct implementation of nature in installations and projects. Samkopf will concentrate on creating new compositions based both on own performances and sounds generated by the nature surrounding the Burragorang camp. Samkopf aims at documenting his Australian wilderness work on an upcoming CD.

Samkopf has previously participated in similar projects in Norway which resulted in the two albums Mårådalen Walk (1994) and Mountain Listening (1997).

More info here.

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