Amulet head out on tour

One of the Norwegian hard-core scene’s most vital acts, Amulet, launch their German/Austrian tour this week.

Amulets Torgny Amdamn live (foto:

This week sees Amulet heading out on a German/Austrian tour, revisiting familiar terrain covered on a number of previous tours. The collective have built up quite a following in Europe based on the hard-core outfit’s strong live appearances.

Amulet’s loyal following are now eagerly awaiting the band’s follow-up to 2003’s ‘Danger! Danger!’ (Columbia/Sony) (released in Europe with tracks from previous album ‘Freedom Fighters’ as ‘Daggers & Dynamite’ on Beniihana Records ).

Spearheaded by the killer opener “Breaking News” Amulet kick-starts their ‘Danger! Danger!’ album and follow up with a set of high-octane, super-charged numbers played fast and precise. Amulet manage to recapture the fierce attitude of their live-shows on record, creating some of the most spirited outings from the growing Norwegian hard-core scene.

Click here to download Amulet’s ‘Breaking News’ video.

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