Magnet to tour the UK

In support of his strong "On your side" album, Magnet joins Zero 7 for a ten-date UK tour.

Magnet - Even Johansen 2003

Fresh from a successful Australian tour, Magnet aka Even Johansen is poised for more touring as he embarks on another UK tour this week, supporting vibrant groove collective Zero 7.

Magnet’s latest album, “On Your Side”, was released domestically last summer, and internationally early last autumn on Ultimate Dilemma/East West (home of such artists as Speeka and Zero 7). Slowly and steadily, the album has grown in proportions, generating a growing collection of ecstatic reviews and healthy sales.

A few press quotes:

"Like being pawed & jawed by a country-loving cougar...deliciously understated"
UNCUT (4*)

"A fragile, bleak and downright swoonsome affair that tingles with cherubic reflection and Mark Hollis-esque stark minimalism...wholly.
Rock Sound

"Magnet stands apart from his romantic contemporaries...such an impressive debut."
The Fly (4*)

"Confident enough to go out on a musical limb and operate away from current trends, this is a stunning, must-buy release."
The Sunday Times (3/3 outstanding)

"A delicious mix of enervation and exhilaration, the subtlest dub textures, the coolest of underplayed beats and everywhere, vulnerability without sappiness, a cracked treasure worthy of your close attention."
Time Out

"A work of sinister charm and beauty with a rich diversity of sounds and feelings. Recommended."
The Independent

"A contender for Album of the Year."
MUZIK (5*)

"Gorgeously drowsy yet elegiac slice of electronic audio heaven."

“Downbeat digital folkie puts a 21st century spin on the Bobfather’s chestnut. Songbird Gemma Hayes helps him get in the mood.” Rolling Stone on Magnet’s “Lay Lady Lay” single.

Q Magazine’s Emma Warren says this of Even Johansen’s latest creation: "Blissful Norse Pop. Even Johansen releases his debut on the coat tails of fellow Norwegians Royksopp and Kings of Convenience, and trips a gentle, aching line between the two. Like them, he make blissed out electronic pop that sounds like Simon & Garfunkel restructuring Radiohead's most fragile moments, but then he adds something else - lap steel guitar. Where Happiness Lives is an anthem for prairie nostalgia, while the dusty-hued The Day We Left Town tunes directly into 50's cinemascope. Even a potentially hazardous cover of Lay Lady Lay with Gemma Hayes proves an excercise in louche lovliness. Magnet will rock you - very gently. ****

NME joins in: "The influence of Jeff Buckley's 'Grace' still hangs over music. The latest to fall under his seductive spell is Magnet, aka Even Johansen. From Scotland via Norway, Even's lazy, sensitive coo and ethereal country flutters certainly resonate with that same sense of majestic drama. But Magnet has more tricks up his sleeve than mere karaoke fanboyisms. 'The Day We Left Town' has ghostly, Bjork-like electronica sheen, while 'Where Happiness Lives' is Elliott Smith bunking into the Grand Ole Opry. But it's the suckerpunch refrain of magnificent opener 'Everything's Perfect' ("You Said You'd Die For Me, So Why Can't You Live For Me?") that reveals just where this fragile soul's bread is buttered. 'On Your Side' is simply a lovely, lovely record" (8/10)

A recent Guardian concert review solidifies Magnet’s reputation as a strong live act:
“It’s mesmeric stuff…” says Guardian’s Dave Simpson. Read the full review here.

Magnet’s latest single “Lay Lady Lay” has already done remarkably well domestically and is schedule for official UK release on 22 March. The single, which features guest vocals courtesy of Gemma Hayes and a very memorable video, also comes with remixes by The Bees (“Clean Slate remix) and Tom Middleton (“Last Day of Summer” rework). The single can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

In February, Magnet was awarded the prestigious Alarm Prize award in the Pop Album category.

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