Subgud: Expander

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Subgud Expander

Electronica pioneers Subgud have been around for quite some time, establishing themselves as a mainstay on Norway’s vibrant electronica scene. Renowned novelist Harald Rosenløw Eeg and partner Ginge have created their own kind of mellow and highly personal electronic music with an emphasis on vibrant but understated tunes. In a genre where musical fashion changes rapidly, Subgud has managed to maintain an identity and presence that’s almost timeless. They avoid the temptation to copy the latest fad, and choose to focus on their very own kind of electronic music. Several guest vocalists have been recruited to give the record an even more human touch, and the end result is a release that’s refreshingly solid.

Subgud: Expander (Yonada / MNW – YON CD 2)

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