Madrugada release first single from upcoming album - drummer leaves

The long-awaited fourth album from North-Norwegian melancholy masters Madrugada is finally in the works. A new taster from the upcoming album, the single 'The Kids are on High Street', is now seeing heavy domestic airplay and rave reviews. Amid album launch preparations, drummer Simen Vangen has announced that he is to leave one of Norwegian rock's flagships.

Madrugada 2005 (Photo: Autumn de Wilde)

Madrugada’s new single and first fresh release since 2003 is titled ‘The Kids are on High Street’ (out now in Norway on Virgin). The single has already landed some very favourable reviews and is currently seeing heavy domestic airplay. Says Norwegian daily Aftenposten in its review of the single: “Melodic gold! Superb outing from a new and “kinder” Madrugada. What a fantastic taster from the band’s fourth studio album!” (6/6).

Madrugada several months last year in L.A.’s legendary Sound Studios under the guidance of producer George Drakoulias, best know for his collaborations with artists such as Tom Petty, Black Crowes and The Jayhawks. The new Madrugada album is scheduled for domestic release on Virgin on 28 February. International release schedules have not been posted yet.

Current Madrugada drummer Simen Vangen confirmed earlier this week that he is to leave Madrugada. Simen joined the band as their drummer for the ‘Grit’ sessions in January 2002 following the leave of original drummer Jon Lauvland Pettersen. Vangen has toured & recorded extensively with the band, including working on the forthcoming album for the past eighteen months. Simen plans to concentrate more on his jazz projects - something which his time spent with Madrugada has made difficult - as well as other projects including rock, folk and Brazilian collaborations. Sivert Høyem and Simen will continue to work together on the new Opposition project. "Simen felt the time had come for him to spend more time working on his other drum projects, and while we're sad to see him go we respect his decision, and wish him all the best," says Madrugada vocalist Sivert Høyem.

Simen's final performance with Madrugada will be at by:Larm in Stavanger on 10 February 2005. No word on any successor to Simen yet.

Tour and festival dates are also being confirmed these days – currently only domestic appearances with a headliner slot at the Øya Festival in August as a possible highlight. More international dates are expected to follow. Updates on live dates and album launch are found at the Madrugada site.

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