Kaizers Orchestra to headline giant festival

The oil-barrel pounding collective is set to play Rock Am Ring’s main stage at prime-time.

Kaizers Orchestra live 2004

Says Kaizers’ front man Janove Ottesen: “Aaaaahhh, this is fantastic. We played the festival last year, in the middle of the night in front of a few hundred people. It was fun back then, but this year we’ll be the main act at a stage that has a 50 000 capacity. It’s insane! It’s historical.”

Kaizers’ European booking agent Brian Nielsen is given credit for securing the coveted live slot. At Kaizers Orchestra’s 2003 Rock am Ring gig he persuaded the festival’s head honcho André Lieberberg to check out the vibrant oil-barrel wielding/gas mask toting collective. Says Ottesen on Lieberberg’s reaction to the show: “He watched us for some 30 minutes; he then went back-stage and sang along with our bassist on the last songs. After the gig he told us that “you’re coming back and a lot more people are going to experience you!” André became a Kaizers fan, and whenever we play in Germany he flies in, watches the shows and parties with us.”

Kaizers Orchestra’s European campaign got off to a kick-start at last year’s Eurosonic festival, and the band strengthened its campaign with spirited appearances at Roskilde and Pinkpop. The collective, which sings entirely in Norwegian, have since gained a strong and loyal following on the continent.

Kaizers Orchestra’s second album, “Evig Pint”, saw its international release on March 15. European distribution is done through PIAS.

Kaizers Orchestra debut album (which went multiple platinum on the domestic market) has sold more than 10 000 units – not bat for a Norwegian language release!

Rock Am Ring kicks off on in Nürnburgring, Germany on June 4 and lasts until the 6th. Another Norwegian act that is set to play the main stages is Turbonegro who will play the Alternastage on June 5th.

International headliners include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, The Roots, Blackalicious, Avril Lavigne and Phoenix.

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