Sister Sonny: The Bandit Lab

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Sister Sonny The Bandit Lab

Based in Bergen, Norway’s vibrant west-coast capital, Sister Sonny are here with their fourth album, the Bandit Lab. Well established both in Norway as well as abroad, the band follows up on their acclaimed albums. Strong lyrical content is matched by musical excursions spanning the whole spectrum of dynamics and intensity. The band has enjoyed wide critical acclaim domestically as well as internationally and is set to gain a wider audience around the world. The Bandit Lab follows the same winding path laid out by its predecessors; soul-searching lyrics courtesy of frontman slash novelist Pedro Carmona-Alvarez are accompanied by lone drifting melodies swimming in deep sonic waves that occasionally are contrasted by more up-tempo contrapuntal motifs. Varied and searching, it’s bound to give the active listener many moments of joy.

Sister Sonny: The Bandit Lab (Rec 90 / EMI/Virgin – RID 047)

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