US radio success and Tortoise tour for Salvatore

US college radio has picked up Salvatore’s "Tempo" album shortly after its North American release while the Oslo collective is busy preparing for a European tour with Tortoise.


“Tempo” is the Oslo collective’s fourth album (the fifth “Luxus” is yet to be released internationally) and bears the thumbprint of Chicago’s left-field guru John McEntire (of Tortoise fame). Upon its original 2002 domestic release, “Tempo” was met with rave reviews, and the album soon made its way onto the European market through German label Glitterhouse. Strong reviews in Europe is soon to be backed up with what is hoped to be memorable gigs as the collective is next week embarking on a short European tour as a support act for Tortoise.

While Salvatore drone away on the European stages, US college radio has picked up the Neu/Can/Tortoise inspired “Tempo”, leaving the band with a strong No. 73 spot on the college radio charts. 41 radio stations feature Salvatore on their top 5 playlists, among them being the central LA channel KSCR. The band is expected to perform well on the charts in the upcoming weeks, leading to more media exposure for the Oslo post-rockers. On the newcomer’s chart, Salvatore is this week’s No. 8.

Salvatore’s “Fresh” (2001) album was also met with strong reviews. Uncut magazine, being one of the many positive recipients, declared : “The expansive, frewheeling cacophony of their third album Fresh, convincingly straddles both Krautrock and post-rock territories, which is no doubt why John McEntire has offered to produce Salvatore's next album at Tortoise's own Chicago studios."

And indeed it happened – the band travelled to Chicago to record “Tempo” at the famous Soma Studio. John McEntire, known as a member of Tortoise, The Sea and Cake and Gastr del Sol, was the highly successful producer. The album which is now performing well on US college radio has also earned Salvatore a Spellemannspris award – the Norwegian equivalent to a Grammy.

Salvatore have supported bands like Godspeed you black emperor and Mogwai. They have also toured with To Rococo Rot and act as legendary Can vocalist Damo Suzuki´s backing band .

Salvatore is distributed by Rocket Racer on the US market and Glitterhouse in Europe.

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