Helldorado launch European tour

Helldorado heads out on the highway this week to greet their growing European fan-base.

Helldorado live på by:Larm 2005

Helldorado head out on an European tour this week in support of their latest album ‘Director’s Cut’ out now on Glitterhouse. Their 10-date May tour brings them to central venues in Germany, Austria and Holland.

The band’s own description of themselves gives a hint of what to expect from this seasoned and domestically acclaimed collective: “Quentin Tarantino had lived in Norway he would have asked, no, commanded Helldorado to provide the soundtracks for his films. If the Norwegian fjords had been near the Arizona desert, Helldorado would have been world-famous by now. If the Vikings had stayed in America, Americana would have been the same as Norwegiana and Norwegian would have been the official language there. Helldorado do everything they can to correct the course of history with their sunburnt fjord desert rock full of indie elements and surftwangs. Helldorado evokes the sensation of burning sun on your neck, crunched sand between your teeth, a salty taste on your lips, a shaky finger on the trigger of a Colt 45, circling vultures silhouetted against a blue-white sky, a double whiskey on an empty stomach, the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather, sweat. Musical referances: The Gun Club, Dick Dale, Thin White Rope, Whiskytown, Nick Cave”

Helldorado toured Europe earlier this year, and the reception was so formidable it prompted a return for the band to its growing audience on the Continent.

Helldorado’s latest album, ‘Director’s Cut’ saw its European release through Glitterhouse last autumn. Reviews have been very positive – below is an excerpt from The Belfast: “This is an aptly named album by this excellent Norwegian outfit - their echoey, gothic take on rock'n'roll drips atmosphere and attitude, and would be perfect soundtracking some Quentin Tarantino flick. Bood Shack's clattering tale of lust and vampirism sets the mood, and the other 11 tracks are filled with epic quantities of murder, deceit, guts, gore, hellfire and brimstone, all of it leavened with a dark, twisted sense of humour. There's also more than a hint of Nick Cave in Dag S Vagle's songs and voice, and in a fair and just world, Helldorado would find similar amounts of fawning press coverage and sales. Some chance.”

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