Skomsork: Skomsork

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Skomsork's self-titled album.

Skomsork (cover)

Skomsork is the brainchild of composer/arranger/keyboardist Erlend Skomsvoll, best known for his acclaimed work with Come Shine and collaborations with Chick Corea (who declared him ‘the world’s greatest arranger’) and Pat Metheny. Skomsvoll’s ambition for this collective was to fuse free improvisation, a strict ethical framework, a rock band’s approach to songwriting as well as a classical way of composing. Skomsvoll and his colleagues from the prestigious Jazz Course at the University of Trondheim accomplish what they set out to do; they balance outer-limit improvisation with multi-layered and timbre-rich arrangements of melodically strong compositions with challenging harmonic structures.

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