Bayashi: Help Is On Its Way

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Bayashi's 'Help Is On Its Way'

Bayashi: Help Is On Its Way (cover)

‘Bayashi’ represents a lasting legacy from double bass legend Bjørnar Andresen who passed away shortly after this record was released. The two other trio members, young and vital drummer Thomas Strønen and veteran saxophonist Vidar Johansen are both highly respected players on the free-improv circuit. Dark, murky and near otherworldly landscapes are drawn by the collective, and at the centre of the trio’s distinctive sound is Andresen’s effect-laden bass that’s effectively contrasted by Johansen’s rich timbre on tenor sax and bass clarinet. Despite being the youngest, Strønen makes frequent authoritative statements, holding the loose framework together. The entire set of tunes is freely improvised but still the trio keeps it together with tight interplay and a sense of space and energy.

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