Ur Girlfriend Hates Me

With strong backing from Island Records UK, Annie is poised for a comeback in 2008. Annie’s comeback campaign, which is currently gaining momentum is spearheaded by her infectious new single “I know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me”.

Annie - I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me

Backed by Island Records UK, Annie leans on considerable support when she now returns to the limelight with her new single “I know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me” which was premiered at Perez Hilton’s blog in mid-May. According to Island officials, the single has already created considerable buzz on the web.

Annie’s new single sees the official release on the 7th of July in the UK and in Norway, while her album titled ‘Don’t Stop’ is scheduled for a September release. As she did on her album debut, 2004’s ‘Anniemal’ (679 Recordings), Annie teams up with producers Richard X and Timo Kaukolampi as well as acts Xenomania and Datarock.

This summer will also see Annie performing at Glastonbury and The Wireless Festival.

Watch the video for Annie’s single “I know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me”:

More info and updates can be found on Annie’s MySpace site.

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