Surferosa to tour the UK

Wild glam/80s chic/electroclash/disco-punk outfit Surferosa and hyper energetic front-woman Mariann are set to tour the UK in support of their upcoming album release.


Surferosa’s domestically acclaimed debut album, “Shanghai My Heart” was released last year in Norway. The album is now scheduled for a UK release on April 12. A taster for what’s on the album can be had on March 29 when the band’s infectious “Lucky Lipstick” single is released.

In December last year, Surferosa joined hyped Chicago collective Electric Six for a very successful UK tour. Audience and media response was very positive, and now the band is heading back to the British Isles on their own. Surferosa’s March/April tour takes the extrovert and hyper-charged front-woman Mariann and tight-knit band colleagues on a 14-date tour.

The band’s live performances are of a legendary calibre; a solid unit of guiars, drums and bass back up vocalist Mariann’s wild and gymnastic stage antics. The hard-hitting tunes are inflicted with a healthy dose of 80s synth-pop, punk ethics and various vintage DDR-inspired gym-suits. Not to be missed!

A few quotes from the UK press:

"...Garish neo-trash punkers, fronted by oddball Mariann, make good on the promise of their frenetic live shows. Norway's answer to the Scissor Sisters, anyone" The Observer

"…edgy art-rock, an act primed for success…" Kerrang!

"…a frankly irresistible mix of first-album Blondie, B52’s, Sioxsie, Kim Wilde and Duran Duran…Neon Commando EP is a pop treasure chest…" Sunday Times Culture

"…Surferosa are nothing short of fantastic…nothing on this earth can prepare you for the phenomenon that is singer Mariann…..strutting around in purple heels, she doesn’t think she’s headlining Wembley she really believes it – Surferosa are this year’s must-see" Rock Sound

"…a strong synth punk debut – a name to watch" Music Week

"…if you need a good dose of glamour catch Surferosa before they hit the big time….their synth-punk is a breath of fresh air…" The Ticket, Mirror

"…Mariann is a punk goddess…their sound is vibrant and tuneful, they have humour, energy and are a real treat live – what more can you want from rock n roll in these days of squeaky clean pop clones…" What’s On In London

Read more on the Norwegian UK embassy’s site.

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