Oslo String Quartet: Johan Svendsen - String Quartet / Quintet

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Oslo String Quartet’s Johan Svendsen - String Quartet / Quintet.

Oslo String Quartet: Johan Svendsen - String Quartet / Quintet (cover)

With caution, respect and emotion the Oslo String Quartet interpret central Norwegian composer Johan Svendsen’s (1840-1911) two early chamber music works String Quartet in a-minor op.1 and Sting Quintet C-major op. 5. With a careful touch and respect for the emotional content the string quartet is interpreted masterfully with the second movement’s melancholic beauty and the intensity of the finale being the undisputed highlights. The rendition of Svendsen’s String Quintet is augmented by viola master Henning Kraggerud and one is immediately struck by the ensembles rich sonorous quality. The performance is vital and exciting with each ensemble member complimenting the others in a coherent and unified form of expression. This release is important not only for the high performance standard on display – the release also holds an important historical aspect as it documents two very central Norwegian chamber works.

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