Sissy Wish: You may breathe...

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Sissy Wish' 'You may breathe...' album.

Sissy Wish: You may breathe (cover)

Every now and then there comes along some artist, some record or song that seemingly defies all critical disagreement and perhaps defies even the undeniable subjectivity of taste as such. Sissy Wish is a recent phenomenon of this kind; as performing artist, recording artist and as songwriter. For a girl of 22 it must be somewhat uncanny to receive such absolutely sweeping, “landslideish”, unchallenged, ecstatic acclaim. It is almost reminiscent of election results in dictatorships; not a mere 97 % of the votes, nope: 100%! But with this young artist the votes have been free; and the conclusion can only be that everybody, absolutely everybody, loves her. Furthermore this situation has now proved not to be a one time stroke of lucky pop bliss, because –who would believe, who dares wish? - It’s happened again! It all started when this “mercenary of McCartney”, straight out of Lipa, returned to Bergen and recorded “The six feet tall ep”. For an unsigned and unknown artist the title track achieved unprecedented attention, rotation and acclaim. Sissy’s first full album “You may breathe” was released in Feb. 04, and the fairytale repeated itself. Just on a grander scale, and with more meta-attention around the fact that this kind of feedback from a united media was unheard of. Since then the effect has seeped into the realm of live performances and their valuation too. What is it about this music that makes it so irresistible, uniting critics in a way only comparable to the effects of ice-cream on children? It is perhaps the music’s property of being a bubbly surface ride with sunny songs, merry melodies and summery smiles; the sparkly sensation of music that breathes bubbles, as well has being many-layered and able to unfold shades of ambivalence underneath the spark and the pop.

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