Kaada: Norwegian solo act signed to Mike Patton’s label

John Erik Kaada is today one of Norway’s most respected soundtrack composers. He released his solo-debut "Thank you for giving me your valuable time" last year on EMI and the critics loved it. But despite the rave reviews, EMI dropped him earlier this year. That was much to Ipecac Recordings delight - they signed him on the spot.


John Erik Kaada is known as a talented composer and performer in his native Norway. His musical career started when he formed the much-talked about band Cloroform in the mid-90s. The outfit is an instrumental trio concentrating on a groundbreaking fusion of jazz, pop, blues and electronica. They released their debut album in 1998, some excessive touring followed throughout Norway, and the critics couldn’t stop raving. The band is presently on a hiatus pending the development of Kaada’s solo career. EMI signed Kaada in 2000 and released his debut solo album ”Thank you for giving me your valuable time” in 2001.

The contract with EMI was scheduled for only one record. Even though his album got a lot of great reviews EMI chose not to renew the contract. That didn’t bother Kaada too much as he had his own record company and was keeping busy with writing music for a number of movies, for which he received an Amanda-award (Norwegian Oscar) this year.

Before he decided to sign with EMI, Kaada had also been in contact with Ipecac Recordings. Ipecac is Faith No More front man Mike Patton’s label and they were interested in signing him. Kaada had sent a Cloroform album to the company and Patton soon became a big fan of both Cloroform and Kaada’s solo work. Even so, Kaada decided on EMI, but Patton did not forget about the talented Norwegian. So when EMI dropped Kaada, Patton was quick to offer him a record deal. Ipecac are planning on releasing ”Thank you…” all over the world, and Kaada and Patton are currently working together on material which will probably end up on Kaada’s next album. In an interview with Ballade.no (MIC’s Norwegian web-site), Kaada revealed that Patton wants to sing some of his songs, because he liked them so much.

Ipecac Recordings was initiated by Patton and his friend Greg Wreckman in 1999, and their stated philosophy is not to revolutionise the record business in any way. The two rather wanted the label to be an outlet where Patton can release his own music and sign other bands which he and Greg admire and believe in. Among other bands they have signed are Melvins, Ruins and Patton’s own projects; Fantomas and Tomahawk.

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