Thomas Dybdahl: That Great October Sound

MIC’s new Listen to Norway series continues with Thomas Dybdahl’s stunning "That Great October Sound".

Thomas Dybdahl

Thomas Dybdahl made a splash debut with his first album “That Great October Sound”. Dybdahl seemed to emerge from nowhere - suddenly he was just there. The album’s captivating opening track From Grace, with its beautiful Jeff Buckleyesque falsetto vocal line, immediately secured Thomas Dybdahl a place in the spotlight. Some very positive live and album reviews further solidified Dybdahl’s position as one of the strongest contenders in the Newcomer of the Year awards. Dybdahl writes songs with maturity that’s usually reserved for veterans many years his senior, and judging by the musical and lyrical content on That Great October Sound, one is hard pressed to believe that he is barely a twentysomething. This is soul in its most modern idiom – this is Thomas Dybdahl and his album is destined to last.

Thomas Dybdahl: That Great October Sound (Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions – CCAP 018)

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