Come Shine - Norwegian Radio Orchestra: In concert

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Come Shine & the Norwegian Radio Orchestra’s 'In concert'.

Come Shine with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra in concert (cover)

Over the past few years the quartet Come Shine has emerged as the epitome of Norwegian standard jazz interpretation, both artistically and in terms of critical and public appeal. In fact the acclaim bestowed upon the band, for both their studio recordings and their live performance has been so unanimous and panegyric that within their genre Come Shine has reached the position of becoming their own only true measure. Their two studio albums brought out every superlative imaginable from the jazz connoisseurs and at the same time managed to reach outside the established constituency to a much wider audience. The band’s live performances have been highly praised around the world and confirm their continuous success faced with the most unforgiving of expectations –the reality of performing standards- and are distinguished by the ability to enact exactly what standard songs plead for; to be born again. This release; recorded at last years jazz festival in Kongsberg with the Norwegian radio orchestra, captures the magic of their live performance; the forces of instant creativity and communication coupled with the original arrangements and style, executed on a grand scale with a daunting result.

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