Frode Berg: Dig it!

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Frode Berg’s Dig it!.

Frode Berg

Frode Berg, one of Norway’s most accomplished electric and acoustic bassists debuts with a bang on ‘Dig it!’. Interacting with strong crew that includes sax player Petter Wettre, pianist Roy Powell and drummer Andreas Bye, Berg tears it up on acoustic double bass and six-string electric bass. The tunes, mostly originals penned by Berg and Powell, are energetic, up-tempo affairs with the elegant and beautiful bossa-tinged Another Song thrown in for good measure. There’s an abundance of hard-core virtuoso blowing on this outing, but given the superb playing it never gets in the way of the melody and the tunes’ characters. The players obviously had a great time in the studio, the solos bristle with joy and playfulness while the horns chase each other at a breakneck pace. ‘Dig it!’ firmly places Frode Berg on the global stage as a fantastic bassist, accomplished band-leader and talented composer.

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