Friko: Burglar Ballads

Listen to Norway continues with Friko: Burglar Ballads

Friko: (cover) Burgar Ballades

A little touch of jazz, a little dash of electronica, a hint of chill out. Burglar Ballads is an eclectic selection of musical elements ranging from laidback jazz experimentation to James Bond-soundtrack lookalike. FRIKO is a Norwegian producer duo consisting of the two excellent young musicians, drummer Peder Kjellsby and trumpeter Sjur Miljeteig, and Burglar Ballads is their debut album. Strangely enough, most of the songs are recorded without trumpet and with programmed drums. However, Kjellsby and Miljeteig play all the other instruments (percussion, guitar, bass, saxophone, etc). The music is full of contrasts, just as their prominent Norwegian guest singers, featuring Øystein Greni (Big Bang), Beate Slettevold Lech (Beady Belle), Jarle Bernhoft (Span), and Solveig Slettahjell, among others. Kjellsby has written all the songs on the album, and several of them centre on the burglary theme.

Friko: Burglar Ballads (C+C Records)

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