European Music Navigator presentation

At MIC’s Bergen conference, Director of the Flanders Music Centre Stef Coninx presented the extensive European Music Navigator search engine and its cornucopia of information and services.

By Stef Coninx

European Music Navigator

Sound Treats – Listen to New Music

Enter the World of Today‘s New Music

Musicnavigator is about the sensation of listening to music you have never heard before.

It's a gateway to new sound bites from around the planet and a stage venue for upcoming musicians and producers.

And it's a network of music enthusiasts and specialists.

Music Navigator’s single point of entry guides you to a host of services that help you find the music, people, and information you have in mind.

It empowers its users to encourage creativity, link up with the like-minded, and build bridges between music communities around the globe.

Tap a Cornucopia of Information

Musicnavigator provides you with the key to an amazing wealth of quality information. But here's the best part: It's about music only. Search results are cleared of the world wide rubble you weren't looking for.

This is a network of music networks, bringing together specialized and local sources from all over the music world. Ultraseek’s ™ content classification engine provided by Verity turns all the scattered information into one great wishing well of music information.

Let’s say you are looking for CD’s with works by a certain composer, or for piano pieces, or just piano pieces by German composers -- you will find the answers to all your special search requests.

Just type in keywords such as names, scores, festivals, tracks and the like. The results will make you realize what searching the net has been painfully lacking: depth, speed and accuracy.

With its perfect combination of profound information and sophisticated search and filtering tools, Musicnavigator has all it takes to bring an information revolution to the music world.

Connect the Dots, Notes, and People
        Musicnavigator hands you a powerful search engine, a cutting-edge music magazine, easy sample listening, and paid download services.
Browse specialist information on contemporary music of all genres and traditions; meet artists and composers on the forefront of musical invention; read the latest news on the evolution of both niche, local and mainstream musical styles. Music-navi-gator lets you harness the power of online communities.

You are given access to over 40 specialized European music databases compiled by Music Information Centers (MICs) and other not for profit music organizations around the world. Musicnavi-gator is made up of information that matters from the people that count.

Zoom in on regional scenes and events, expand your repertoire, tune in to the music and browse reviews – Musicnavigator provides you with a world map of music unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Keep Track on the Music Business and the Business of MusicMusicnavigator Magazine

For music professionals

Our magazine features first-hand reports and background information on vibrant music scenes around the world as well as up-to-date and comprehensive information on the music market.

Read interviews and articles on composers, conductors and musicians. Stay informed on music events, recording and publishing, music in the media, music education, and legal issues.

Follow the revolution in the music business, the changes in the music value chain, markets and music distribution with expert anlaysis from the unbiased position of independent experts.

All articles are written by experts or the people involved. Most of them are users of Musicnavigator, making it a network of music professionals as well as a business-to-business medium of communication.

Always Calling for Papers and Articles

Publish your insights and research in Musicnavigator‘s online magazine and speak to a global audience of music professionals.

Our easy publishing process via online forms is designed to ensure lively debate among experts, musicians, and music enthusiasts.

Musicnavigator welcomes new partners!

Please contact us at

        European Music Navigator is co-funded by the European Commission‘s Culture 2000 support program and eight partners of IAMIC- the international association of music information centers.

IAMIC brings new music to an international audience. It is a far-flung network with 43 members in 38 countries.

IAMIC's Music Information Centers document and promote the music of their country or region, or certain musical field. All are open to the public and offer extensive resources. In addition to large libraries of sheet music and sound archives, some centers maintain up-to-date collections of biographical and research material, many issue publications and recordings, and all serve as a focus of musical activity in their country or region.

Find out more at

Musicnavigator and OMD are projects of IAMIC, the International Association of Music Information Networks.

Tap the Power of OMD to Pinpoint Special Events, Festivals, Programs, and Products.OMD combines a bevy of online and real-life access points to music and information. The result is a powerful, international, comprehensive music network that will show users the way to the very special sources they aim to find.

OMD has devised a new form of globalized information technology that does not operate at the expense of diversity but brings it to new life.

All regional access points provided by Music Information Centers (MIC’s) or shops set up by music labels are presented in full view of their complete product palette or breadth of resources. OMD brings it all back home.

A Fair Play International Marketplace benefiting both Audiences and ArtistsOMD lets users compile their own mix of tracks and buy only what they really want to reach their hard disks. High-quality pre-listening enables them to effectively sample the music offered online.

Be it single tracks or complete albums, no matter what you opt to purchase, our prices make choices come easy.

A word on pricing:

Music lovers as well as artists commonly value each piece of musical expression in its own right. Therefore, every piece of music at OMD also has its own, reasonable price that is set by content owners such as artists, composers, labels, or producers. Every listener will have the possibility and is assured to invest in the creativity of the artists of his or her choice in a way he or she deserves.

A Stage for Individual Artists – Composers, Performers and AuthorsOMD puts Individuals and small groups or companies in a position to market their music in a way you could only dream of in the past.

Offer first-hand downloads – legally and at a fair price. Set up shop at OMD, create context and ambience to address an international audience.

Artists, producers and labels are free to speak directly to listeners and design presentations without making compromises.

The music information network also provides you with the sources to enhance content with a variety of solid background information.

Surf the True Diversity of MusicConvenient search and filtering methods let you search by mood, style, genre, artist, label or region, just to name a few. OMD not only helps you pinpoint special, rare or unreleased music you are interested in. It is also a tool of discovery and musical adventure.

Explore similar musical currents from different countries, styles or eras, and listen to the tunes of music you have not heard yet. Get the real picture, geography, and variety of musical creativity you always knew was out there somewhere.

Download high-quality sound tracks and surprise your audiences at programs and events.

OMD = Open Music(s) DistributionOpen: To music from all walks of life, from grassroots to sacred and yard sale to big business. OMD raises the curtain to an international audience for content owners such as composers, performers, labels, and producers.

Music(s): OMD makes special repertoires available to a wide range of consumers. All styles and genres are welcome and given equal chances of success. OMD harnesses the power of new technologies to support musical diversity.

Distribution: Download servers across Europe offer music files to an international audience. OMD stands for a new type of public music broadcasting that puts choice back in the hands of listeners from all corners of the earth and gives music professionals the means to make themselves heard.

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