Edison Jazz Award nomination for renowned vocalist

None on the Norwegian jazz scene can rival her position: Silje Nergaard has sold countless albums, received rave reviews and toured to massive international acclaim. Now she crowns her achievements with yet another award nomination: the Edison Jazz Award.

Silje Nergaard 2003

Silje Nergaard has been nominated for the prestigious Netherland's Edison Jazz Award, which will be presented at this year's North Sea Jazz Festival in July. Silje Nergaard shares the nomination with Cassandra Wilson, Diana Krall and Jimmy Scott. The award, although local, holds a high international profile and is recognized the world over as one of the most important awards in the field of jazz. More information can be gotten from the Edison webiste.

Silje Nergaard’s new album, her eight, is due for release via Universal Music for Norway in October of 2003, and March of 2004 for the rest of world.

Nergaard’s latest album, “At first light”, is the best selling Norwegian jazz album of all time with more than 77 000 units shifted in Norway alone. Silje is also the only jazz artist to debut at the album charts at no. 1.

2002 saw Silje Nergaard performing at a number of central jazz festivals including North Sea, Montreal, Stockholm, Perugia and Vitoria. She also completed a successful tour in Asia with applauded appearances in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and Japan.

Nergaard also did a one-week engagement at Ronnie Scott’s in London, thus earning her some rave reviews. A few quotes from the Guardian: “She avoids falling back on the straight-jazz singer’s usual safe bets (scat-singing, blues infections, or much reference to standard songs), choosing instead to work over relaxed funk or minimalist slow-burn settings for ballads. She has a flexible and highly developed technique with instrument-like qualities in her dynamic and tonal range.”
Says the Independent’s reviewer: “ Her middle register has a captivating, viola-rich timbre played with plenty of rosin on the bow so that she cuts empathetically into each note, but with perfect control. There is a candy-sweetness to her voice, but this candy is not for children. It’s after-dinner candy, with black coffee and the promise of what is to follow… If Nergaard continues to sing and write like this, it shouldn’t be long before she doesn’t have to explain the correct pronunciation of her name.”

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