Ida Maria: "Fortress around my heart"

Finally we can bring you the release date of Ida Maria’s much anticipated debut. -And more importantly, its title. “Fortress around my heart” will be released on May fifth. In Norway and Scandinavia by Ida Maria’s own label Nesna Records, and by RCA in the UK.

Ida Maria, 2007

And it is the hype in Britain that really makes this release interesting, for gauging by the amount of buzz that has been lavished on Ida Maria and the more or less unanimous endorsement of British critics -for her singles, live shows and TV performances- we might just be about to witness a major breakthrough.

Regarding Britain things are looking brighter for Ida Maria than it has for any Norwegian artist in many years. As for the domestic release, it is no exaggeration that Fortress around my heart is the most anticipated Norwegian record of the year; of the two last year as it were, for it has been a long time coming.

The enduring hype is evidence of Ida Maria’s force as an artist. She has taken her time, and kept everyone waiting for her album. But at the same time she has worked extremely hard on the live circuit and managed to sustain an almost unprecedented amount of attention for a very long time. Also the recipient of numerous awards, and most recently a huge grant for European touring, everything is perfect even before the record is out.

And or course it won’t be a disappointment, this we know, for Ida Maria has been good to us and issued singles throughout the wait. All in all, the whole thing is a story of a certain success. Already she is an international name, and there is simply no way of knowing how far “Fortress” will take her. But she certainly has that extra something that just might launch her into the sphere of big sellers, perhaps even in America.

She is off to that place soon, to play two shows in California. (And oh will they love her!)
But most of the spring touring will happen in Britain. On May ninth, after doing the release concert in Oslo on May fifth, she embarks on a fifteen date tour of Britain. Venues will be filled to the brim, this we’re willing to bet on, and Fortress will sell… a lot, let’s hope.

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