Ida Helene Heidel - Biography

Ida Helene Heidel 20007

Born 11.04.1958
Øvre Utsiktsvei 12
N-1450 Nesoddtangen
Tlf: 66911660 / 95769346


Diplome/Master in Composition from the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo 2007
Bachelor in Composition from the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Oslo 1996
Bachelor of Fine Arts in jazz from the New School, Parsons, NY, USA 1990
Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures in jazz from le CIM, Paris 1986

Northindian classical music with Hariprasad Chaurasia, Bombay, India 1990
Èlectroaccoustique music at INA GRM Radio France, Paris 1987.
Different courses in composition at IRCAM, Paris 1985 - 87

Jazz: with Frank Wess and Lew Tabakin, NY, USA, Bachelor of Fine Arts 1990
Indian flutec: with Hariprasad Chauraisa, Bombay, India 1990
Classical lessons with Pierre Yves Artaud, Paris 1986 - 87
Conservatoire of Music in Lausanne 1973 - 75
Conservatoire of Music in Oslo 1967 - 73

Theater directing at the Danish Theater Academy spring 2005
Phonetics and science of languages at the University of Oslo, fall 1979
Ex. phil, at the University of Oslo, spring 1979
Economics at BI , Oslo fall 1978
Frenchstudies at l’Université de Paul Valery, Montpellier, France1977 - 78
A levels in languages, Berg Gymnas, 1977
Boarding school, studies in languages and music, La Combe, Swizerland 1973 - 75

Composes for small and large ensembles, électroacustic music, theater and sound installations and collaborations with plastic and performing arts. Her compositions have been performed in festivals as Ultima, Tuchfühlung, Ilios, Speculum, Annualen, Festspillene in Bergen and Harstad and played in radio in France, Germany and Norway. Has worked internationally as fluteplayer, within jazz, different folkmusics and contemporary music. Is actually working as a substitute fluteteacher in the Schools of Fine Arts of Oslo, Nesodden, Drøbak and Moss.

Auditrice/assistent of regi with Peter Konwitschny doing Elektra/Strauss, at the Danish Opera 2005
Composer in residence at MiN ensemblet, Narvik 1999 - 2000. NKR's aspirantstilling.

Has initiated and produced several large musical projects involving children and youth in USA and Norway. Has worked as streetmusician in Paris 1980 – 83, playing different kinds of musical styles, from southamerican folkmusic to Bach.

Last pieces per 01.03.2010

  • Grumpy angels 12 min. for grande piano, cello, violin and ping pong balls. Revised version.
  • Reminescence - R1, R2, R3 ‐ for glass‐sculptures, ipods, headphones and tape.
  • Volatil for fluteorchestra (24 fl.) 23 min. Commissioned by l’Orchestre de Flûtes Français (L’OFF). Financed by Arts Council Norway, MIC, the Norwegian Embassy in Paris and NOTAM. Premiered at Salle Cortot, Paris 21.01 2010. To be replayed in Paris 18.10.10
  • Tiden og Minnet 1 - electroaccoustic piece, 24 min. Premiered: Nääs Slott, Gøteborg, 30.06 2009.
  • Dette har hendt - installation of glass sculptures and sound 1 h. 16 min. Gøteborg, 01.07 – 01.08.09. In cooperation with the artist Ina Kristine Hove and NOTAM (coproducer)
  • Quand les anges se disputent 17 min. for grande piano, cello, violin and ping pong balls. Commissioned by the MiN ensemble, financed by NKR. Premiered at Ultima october 2007
  • Shit happens 15 min. instrumental theater for 6 voices à cappella
  • utthAna for symfonique orch. Comissioned by Vinterfestuka, financed by Norsk Komponistfond.
  • Klossen & Nimini – 15 min. for voice, fl & perc. Commissioned by Ingeborg Mo, financed by Arts Council Norway.
  • Pling i natten 5 min. for cello solo for my daughter.
  • " Sssjch(u)! " 50 min. Instrumental theater for children. Comissioned by Follo Museum, financed by Arts Council Norway, FFLB and NOPA. In collaboration with the poet Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen. Premiered at Kulturisten 2006

Current / planned work being comissioned:
New piece for Sinfonietta
New piece for dbl flutequartet, 2 voices and tape
New piece for fluteorchestra
New piece for solo flute

NRK 14.04.10
Ballade 12.02.10
Ballade 27.01.10
L'ambassade de Norvège, Paris Jan 2010
NOTAM 2009
Nordic Sounds 2000: periodical/ns/2000/ns2000_1_XML/periodical-ns2000_1_08.tkl&type=periodical
Concordia 1996:

Nett: Multimedia extracts from Dette har hendt -

Ultima - program comitté 1996 - 97
Nordland composer group - founder and leader 1997 - 2000
Bodø Sinfonietta - founder and viceleader 1998 - 1999
Min-ensemblet: Artistic board 1999 - 2000
Nesoddparken - initiater, leader and viceleader of projectgroup 2006 - 2007
Dialophane - founder and leader 2009 -
Norwegian Composers Union - vara in the team of musical evaluation 2010

MIC Norway 2010
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