Norway Now at Midem 2003

So there we are again, the music industry’s biggest yearly event: Midem. Following the latest years trend the Norwegian delegation is as strong as ever.

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As has been the case the last couple of years, Music Export Norway co-ordinates the Norwegian participation to Midem 2003. With a tastefully designed stand that usually brims with activity, the stage is set for an eventful rendezvous with the international music industry.

Under the supervision of Music Export Norway’s Inger Dirdal, more than 35 companies converge on the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes to establish new contacts, maintain existing ties and spread the gospel of a strong Norwegian scene. Last year’s Norwegian offensive in Cannes left a strong impression on many international delegates as Norway hosted the opening party and made the most of the occasion by showcasing some of Norway’s finest talent. The Norwegian presence was strengthened by the attendance of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon. All in all the entire effort boosted Norway’s status on the global stage, and it’s now up to the 2003 delegates to maintain momentum.

The 2003 delegation includes record labels, managements, various organisations and governmental bodies.

There are no Norwegian bands or artists scheduled to perform at this year’s Midem, a stark contrast to last year’s massive opening show and string of showcases. It seems apparent that this year’s delegation has chosen to focus on meetings and personal contact instead of arranging showcases and concerts.

To better prepare the Midem attendees in lieu of Sunday’s kick off, MIC Norway here presents a list of the Norwegian delegation. Browse the participants web-sites, read our short profiles and you’ll be ready to meet us at stand no. 11.02.

2L/Lindberg Lyd: Strong independent label focusing on classical, contemporary, crossover and folk music. Showcased a strong profile at last year’s Womex in Germany.

Advokatfirma Selmer: Legal services and advice.

Artspages International: Artspages is a global partnership of rights owners and technology providers – a nexus between the arts, media and R&D community facilitating sustainable e-commerce in the culture and content industries.

Black Balloon Records: Independent label focusing on rock. As of writing two of the main bands on the label’s roster, We and El Caco are on a long European tour. We, who have collaborated with Queens of The Stone Age, are also set to perform at the South by Southwest in Austin Texas.

dBut Records: Indie label focusing on electronica and club music. Has been successful in Europe with acts like Sternklang, Perculator and Moon Orchesta. Strong live-acts that are poised for new touring activity in Europe in 2003.

Etnisk Musikklubb: Distribution network for ethnic and crossover music.

Gemini Records: Leading Norwegian jazz label. Releases Norwegian artists and imports and distributes international releases.

Gramart: The Norwegian Association of Recording Artists.

Grappa Musikkforlag: One of Norway’s biggest independent record companies. Its imprints include the classical music label Simax, Heilo which focuses on folk music and Supernova which is Grappa’s popular music outlet.

Kirkelig Kulturverksted: Another strong independent label which focuses on high audio quality releases. Has achieved success with a number of artists that include Maria Solheim, Kari Bremnes and various strong folk/ethnic releases.

M3: Music: A combined artist management, marketing & promotion management and record company / label management with distribution in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Focusing on pop, rock, electronica, house, trance, chill, jazz / nujazz, latin, bebop / bozzanova for distribution in its territory.

Massemedia: Distribution, importer, exporter, wholesaler.

MTG: An active label sporting a wide range of genres and styles from hip-hop, to rock, to classical to gospel.

Music Export Norway: The co-ordinating body for the Norwegian participation to Midem and Popkomm.

Music Information Centre Norway: Supplies all types of information and profiling on the Norwegian music scene.

Musikklosen: Distributor focusing mainly on jazz releases.

Musikkoperatørene: Distributes Norwegian jazz, classical and ethnic/folk music on the domestic market.

NMFF: Norwegian Music Publishers' Association

NOPA: Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists

Norwave: A new independent record label focusing on Norwegian-language releases.

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK): The national broadcasting company

Phonofile / Professional download services that caters both to the professional market (TV/Radio etc.) and the general public. Runs one of the world’s most impressive music download services; which is Norway's largest e-store for music downloads.

PS-Music Norway: Sales and distribution of DVDs and music.

Rec90: One of Norway’s most successful independent labels. Has a strong roster that includes names like Poor Rich Ones, Sister Sonny and Low Frequency in Stereo.

Resonant Music: Respected Norwegian jazz label run by acclaimed bassist Terje Gewelt. Focuses on high audio quality, modern Scandinavian improvised music.

Rikskonsertene / Norwegian Concert Institute: Organises concerts and tours aimed at the general public or for more specific groups such as children and young people.

Skiva Studio: Studio services and independent record label.

Talent Video & Audio Produksjon: Distribution.

Tocano Norway: CD/DVD manufacturer.

Tono: The Norwegian Performing Right Society. Collects royalties for Norwegian artists and is a protector of its members rights. Is very active in the fight against download piracy.

Tuba Records: Distributes a wide range of Norwegian and international labels. One of the leading independent distributors in Norway. Also runs the very successful Port Azur label which has struck gold with its Ugress signing.

Tylden & Co: A veteran label which has sold a massive amount of mainly Norwegian language music on the domestic market.

United Music Service: Independent record label.

Voices Music & Entertainment / VME: One of the leading independent distributors on the Norwegian market. Represents a varied list of domestic and international labels. Also represents various in-house labels such as successful electronica/club-music/jazz/indie labels Beatservice and Smalltown Supersound.

Waterfall Records: Renowned studio, production and management company that has a knack for discovering new talent. Atlantic signed (but now defunct) duo M2M was discovered by the Waterfall team and several of its new talents have been picked up by some of the industry’s major companies.

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