Ragnhild Berstad: Respiro

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Ragnhild Berstad’s 'Respiro'.

Ragnhild Berstad: Respiro (cover)

One of composer Ragnhild Berstad’s central concerns deals with how to tap into a mode of synchronicity, fix and preserve the moment’s insights; rescue all the work-a-day epiphanies. The featured works on ‘Respiro’ represent manifestations of a mature and idiosyncratic artistic voice, of a composer sure of her aesthetic project. Berstad concentrated production places her easily among the most interesting younger Norwegian composers of the last decade, and the ‘Respiro’ works demonstrate how she has steadily expanded her palette of compositional resources. The impact of the French Spectral School’s use of clusters and refined harmony is evident and another characteristic feature of Berstad’s music is the thoroughness of her highly detailed renderings. Even the broad canvasses are sketched out with small strokes and a little brush, something that lends these works a rich patina and a pulsing energy.

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