Helge Lien Trio: Asymmetrics

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Helge Lien Trio’s 'Asymmetrics'

Helge Lien Trio 2004

The third album from pianist Helge Lien and his cohorts drummer Knut Aalefjær and bassist Frode Berg is a treasure trove of aesthetic improvisation and spirited interplay. The repertoire on ‘Asymetrics’ is a mix of originals and standards such as Autumn Leaves and Spring can really hang you up the most that are given a thorough re-work by the trio. The musicians’ backgrounds span a wide spectrum of styles ranging from pop to contemporary music and the trio comes out as a highly unique mix of jazz tradition and avant-garde improv. The characteristic open and rich harmonies that characterise the arrangements are often born out of open improvisations on the material at hand, necessitating intense listening and near telepathic interplay. Spirited and perfected, ‘Asymetrics’ is bound to find its way to a wider global audience.

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