Gothminister lands major deal

One of the icons of the Norwegian Goth-scene, Gothminister, lands a major licensing deal with BMG Germany.

Gothminister (Foto: Sandra Jensen)

One of the Norwegian Goth-scene’s most central exponents, Bjørn Alexander Brem aka Gothminister, has recently landed a major licensing agreement with BMG Germany’s imprint Drakkar. Gothminister’s “Gothic Electronic Anthems” was originally released domestically on Norwegian independent Tatra Records. The album is now up for major international exposure through a licensing deal with Drakkar/BMG.

Gothminister’s “Gothic Electronic Anthems” has already done well on the European market, peaking at Top 10 at the German alternative charts, a third spot at Dutch charts and solid sales in Belgium.

Reportedly, this is one of the most extensive licensing deals signed by any Norwegian industrial/goth band and it entails a massive promotion campaign by Drakkar/BMG. To support the re-release of “Gothic Electronic Anthems”, Gothminister is scheduled to tour Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and France.

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