Fliflet - Hamre Energiforsyning

The striking partnership of Gabriel Fliflet (accordion, vocal) and Ole Hamre (drums, melodica, vocal) has resulted in a highly personal musical style which roots can be traced to ethnic/folk music from their native Norway - but also Balkan and Gypsy traditions. Tunes from such diverse regions as Finland, Italy and Texas are also interpreted in Fliflet/Hamre’s own unique style. The stylistic variation is so intense that occasionally the two switch from genre to genre within the bar – without loosing neither the beat nor the audience’s attention.


Their music is vital, alive and full of contrasts. It’s complex, yes- but also hard-swinging and instantly accessible. Indeed, Fliflet/Hamre have created a musical landscape that is rich in expression, and the two manage to strike a chord with most audiences. The duo draws its inspiration from a palette with a multitude of colours, painting a rich canvas that has something to offer for nearly any musical taste.

The Fliflet/Hamre story goes back to 1991 when the duo was formed. The founding of the duo was based on a wish to do something totally unconventional – few would argue that they haven’t succeeded. Their releases have received rave reviews, audiences have applauded their club gigs all over the country and the two have played all major Norwegian jazz and folk music festivals to wide critical acclaim. The duo’s diverse expression has also earned them a faithful audience that would normally seek out rock, blues and classical concerts.

The two friends have worked with outstanding performers of different nationalities: Annbjørg Lien, Knut Reiersrud, Áilu Gaup, Peter Bastian, Stanisa Stosic, Ambrogio Sparagna, Sari & Mari Kaasinen to name a few. Fliflet/Hamre have even played the roles of TV-show hosts during their stints at the national NRK channel. They have also toured extensively in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland and the UK.

Gabriel Fliflet and Ole Hamre enjoy playing together, and are always searching for new ways to create art and fun at the same time. To succeed, they have to be deadly serious...

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