Walstad/Løken: Dance of the elves

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Walstad/Løken’s Dance of the elves.

Walstad/Løken: Dance of the elves (cover)

Dance of the elves is the fruit of a unique companionship: Two of Norway’s most celebrated young musicians have joined forces to create a musical expression like no other. Flutist Cecilie Løken and harpist Sidsel Walstad challenge their instruments and the compositions in unprecedented ways to lure out and present the most haunting, enchanting and bewitching swirls of music you’ll ever encounter this side of the nocturnal dance of dreams. The chosen compositions are part of the Norwegian national treasure of musical magic naturalism. The flute and harp do justice to this aesthetic and imagination like few other instruments. When Walstad/Løken in addition explore the realm of electronic effects; samples and other mood-enhancing techniques and gadgets, it goes without saying that the result is full of wonder; even mystifying. Both musicians have received endless acclaim as soloists and have performed with celebrated orchestras and various constellations both home and abroad. Dance of the elves is their first common effort.

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