The Norwegian Soloist Choir: Nocturnus

Listen to Norway continues with The Norwegian Soloist Choir: Nocturnus

The Norwegian Soloist Choir: (cover) Nocturnus

Five Norwegian composers are featured on Nocturnus by the Norwegian Soloist Choir conducted by Grete Pedersen. Born between 1942 and 1955, Yngve Slettholm, Magne Hegdal, Jon Mostad, Kjell Habbestad, and Kjell Flem have all composed for choir. Their works cover a time span of a whole generation, raging from Hegdal’s Credo written in 1971 to Mostad’s Two Psalms in 1997. Common for all are the biblical text materials they are based on. The Norwegian Soloist Choir masters this genre extremely well. The fragmented musical progress in especially Hegdal’s piece is challenging to perform for a choir, since the lyrics cannot be expressed in the ordinary way, challenging also the listener. This brings more attention to single moments rather than the long lines, which the Soloist Choir accomplishes with great confidence. Nocturnus is an important documentation of Norwegian choir music and five central composers within this field.

The Norwegian Soloist Choir: Nocturnus (Aurora)

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