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Annie scored big-time at the Alarm awards in Oslo winning the Pop and Newcomer of the year categories while Jim Stärk took home the prestigious Alarm Prize 2005.

Jim Stärk 2004

Launched five years ago as an alternative to the established Spellemansprisen awards (“the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy”), the Alarm awards has now firmly established itself as one of the main events for the Norwegian music industry. The original initiative came out of a desire to establish a music prize that would better reflect the activity on the younger, independent and less established scene than that covered by the somewhat more conservative Spellemannspris. Alarm gained imminent status and popularity forcing the Spellemanspris committee to renew its approach to the nomination process and adapt to a changing music scene.

Broadcasted live on the national NRK Petre station, the Alarm 2005 awards were held at Oslo’s Rockefeller Music Hall on 5 February. The live line-up included such heavyweights as Annie (her first live performance ever with a band), The National Bank, We, Cast, The Beautiful People and Gåte.

Annie and Jim Stärk were two of the night’s indisputable winners with the former winning the Pop and Newcomer of the year awards and the latter taking home the much sought-after Alarm Prize which presents the winner with NOK 100 000 in hard cash and a tailored promotion programme with an estimated value of NOK 60 000 and ad space from Norwegian daily Dagbladet that’s worth app. NOK 250 000.

The Alarm awards are given on the basis of votes submitted at the Alarm web-site.
App. 80 music journalists have picked out the nominees in the various categories, and the general public can cast their votes on the Alarm-site thus selecting the winners of the various categories.

These were the winners of Alarm 2005:

Rock: We: "Smugglers".
Other nominees: Gåte: "Iselilja", International Tussler Society: "International Tussler Society", Euroboys: "Soft Focus" and Gluecifer: "Automatic Thrill".

Pop: Annie: "Anniemal".
Other nominees: Thomas Dybdahl: "One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City", Bertine Zetlitz: "Rollerskating", Kings of Convenience: "Riot On an Empty Street" , Minor Majority: "Up For You & I".

Metal: Enslaved: "ISA" .
Other nominees: Mayhem: "Chimera", Darkhrone: "Sardonic Wrath", Red Harvest: "Internal Punishment Programs" and Khold: "Mørke Gravers Kammer".

Hiphop: Jaa9 & OnklP: "Sjåre Brymæ".
Other nominees: Gatas Parlament: "Fred, Frihet & Alt Gratis", Madcon: "It's All a MadCon", Tungtvann: "III: Folket Bak Nordavind" and Karpe Diem: "Glasskår".

Electronica: Ralph Myers & The Jack Herren Band: "Your New Best Friends". Other nominees: Illumination: "The Poppy Rocks", Ost & Kjex: "Some, But Not All Cheese Comes From the Moon", Snuten: "We Are the Future" and Mental Overdrive: "083".

Jazz: Lars Horntveth: "Pooka".
Other nominees: The Thing: "Garage", Susanna & the Magical Orchestra: "A List of Lights and Buoys", Wibutee: "Playmachine" and Scorch Trio: "Luggumt".

Live: We.
Other nominees: Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band, Thomas Dybdahl, The International Tussler Society and Gåte.

Video: Kings of Convenience: "I'd Rather Dance With You".
Other nominees: Ugress: "Manhattan Sapphire", Sondre Lerche: "Two Way Monologue", Ravi & DJ Løv: "Dødssøt" and Wibutee: "We Are in Space, So Are You".

Newcomer of the year: Annie.
Other nominees: Sissy Wish, Bonk, Samsaya and The Beautiful People.

Track of the year: Euroboys: "One Way Street".
Other nominees: Kings of Convienience: "I'd Rather Dance With You", National Bank: "Tolerate", Jim Stärk: "Morning Song" and Annie: "Chewing Gum".

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