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Oslo the Festival City

The summer festival season is fast approaching with Oslo’s Norwegian Wood kicking off on June 9th. Norway’s capital hosts a number of other key music festivals – get an overview of them here.

With over 5000 music events staged each year, some say that Oslo can lay claim to the title ‘Live Music Capital of Scandinavia’.

A recent article published by communication agency NorwayCommunicates highlights Oslo’s wealth of music events. Writes ‘ Oslo hosts countless musical festivals and events throughout the year, covering every imaginable musical taste. The festival year has one of its peaks during the long Oslo summer, when music for every taste abounds.

With over 5000 music events staged each year, anyone can stand in the center of town at Youngstorget, and no less than thirty important venues can be found within just a ten-minute walk. Music is everywhere here, and the summer is the time for the music festivals. Let us take a look at some of the major festivals that will be held this summer here in Oslo.’

The article offers a thorough overview of Norway’s capital’s strong and vibrant festival scene with profiles on the Øya festival, Norwegian Wood, Oslo Chamber Music Festival, Oslo Jazz Festival and Ultima - read the entire story here.

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