Jaga Jazzist: Magazine

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Jaga Jazzist's 'Magazine'

Jaga Jazzist: Magazine (cover)

The record in your hand is a remastered reissue of Jaga Jazzist’s 98´ debut record. For the first time it is released outside of Norway, and considering the band’s formidable success in the years that have elapsed since its original release, it serves as a truly unique document to where they started and also proof of where they were always headed. Having just celebrated their ten-year-anniversary the band enjoys a special status in many countries; cherished by selective listeners and often mentioned by esteemed musicians. On Magazine they display a less breaks oriented and more tranquil side of their musical expression. It is different from their hugely successful later records, yet it is unmistakably Jaga, and as critics repeat over and over: the record unquestionably contains some of the band’s finest moments

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