Vigleik Storaas Trio: Subsonic

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Vigleik Storaas Trio’s Subsonic album.

Vigleik Storaas Trio - Subsonic cover

Veteran pianist Vigleik Storaas returns with a new trio recording. Backed by double bassist Johannes Eick and Per Oddvar Johansen on drums the setting is ideal for Storaas’ solo excursions and the trio’s near telepathic interplay. The material on Subsonic is mostly penned by Storaas and represents a distinct stylistic foil for the trio’s exploration of the modern piano trio’s format. Bill Evans’ legacy is evident throughout the duration of Subsonic, still the trio displays vast amounts of its own identity and character. Introspective and searching at times, but also balanced and sometimes loose in its form. Compared to earlier trio releases, Subsonic is more subdued and ambient – maybe it’s the maturity factor kicking in?

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