Samsaya: Shedding Skin

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Samsaya's 'Shedding Skin'.

Samsaya: Shedding Skin (cover)

Few artists have been met with more anticipation upon entering the Norwegian music scene than Samsaya. For some time she had made her name, face and voice known in various films and live performances, but the unveiling of her true artistic essence: the performance of her own material, was something still awaited.
So when Shedding Skin finally was released it was in an atmosphere of intense anticipation. But even if the grapevine spoke of something novel and unprecedented; fresh and oozing with attitude, the sheer energy of this album still took many by surprise. Categorised as R’n’B Samsaya’s music is edgier, harder and more energetic than the typical proponents of the genre, at the same time as it to full extent also includes the more readily associated elements of smooth soul and slow, densified ballades.

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